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130 years: A long and proud history


Special Event – 2022

Preview Season :   16 - 23  September 2022 
Gala Auction   : Friday 23 September 5 - 8 pm

Wonderful Wines & Celebrity Canapes


For the FIRST time the Academy’s Annual 300 Art Auction is open to the art-loving public! Secure your ticket to this fun event, right now, by clicking through to the on-line buy-now facility below. Tickets are $50 each with several positives attached:







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This is a fund-raising event for the Academy so there is also the feel-good buzz you get via your art patronage. Previously one of the Academy’s best-kept secrets, this fun event is a paper auction where you post your bid on the list beside the painting(s) you wish to acquire and hope no one else comes along and tops it. If others do, you are able to go back to the list to head them off as many times as you like to up your bid, until the bell rings and it’s all over.


The small paintings, which are all 300mm square – some beautiful works of all styles and types painted and donated by Member Artists – all have a reserve of only $300 (with bidding increments of only $25) so this is your chance to buy that special little piece you have always wanted for that part of the wall that always seems so bare.


These paintings will be on display at the Academy from the 16th – 23rd September 2022 if you would like to call in to view and tickets can be purchased at the Gallery while you are there, during this period. Or you can purchase tickets by emailing or by ringing the Gallery on T: 04 499 8807 (select option 1).

And if all else fails Tickets will also be available at the Academy Front Desk on Auction night Friday 23rd – from 5pm to 8pm!!


We suggest Buy your tickets here right now.


Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you there!

Academy Galleries 1 Queens Wharf Wellington

Photo Gallery



300 - 2022

IMG_8280 Trevor Pye, At Times a Sense of Longing.jpg IMG_9401 Roger Hayman, Family Portrait.jpg IMG_8274 Dee Warring, Excuse me!.jpg IMG_8289 Jan Alldritt-Miller, Morning Gossip.jpg IMG_8293 Kay McCormick, Lindisfarne Castle (On A Clear Day You C IMG_8300 Lindsay Blakeley, 5th Coast.jpg IMG_8307 Susan Dunster - Pink is Coming Out.jpg IMG_8318 Mel Hawkins, Inside Out.jpg IMG_8320 Graeme Hitchcock, Portrait of a Self.jpg IMG_8332 Roger Buchanan, Tranquility.jpg IMG_8339 Anne Morris, The Old Mill at Waiwhetu.jpg IMG_8348 Dianne Taylor, Moonlight - Evans Bay.jpg IMG_8356 Lee Russell, Walks of Life Series.jpg IMG_8363 Karen Dravitzki, Into The Green.jpg IMG_8371 Andrea Robinson, Haven 1.jpg IMG_8380 Andrea Robinson, Haven 2.jpg IMG_8387 Jules Crafts, Two Pink Pegs.jpg IMG_8397 Kit Ong, After the Rain.jpg IMG_8406 Sally Banks, Silent Spring.jpg IMG_8413 Judy Prictor, Taranaki St Wharf, Wellington.jpg IMG_8419 Penny Johnson, Fractured Elegance.jpg IMG_8430 Mark Peck, Three Triangles, Two Orbs & A Beam.jpg IMG_8436 Alec MacDonald, Autumn.jpg IMG_8444 John McDonnell, Arrowtown Trees.jpg IMG_8450 Helen Wilson, People at Sacre-Coeur.jpg IMG_8460 Royd Bussell, Interface.jpg IMG_8465 Kylie Wardlaw, Oceanic.jpg IMG_8477 DeAnne Lawford-Smith, Pacific Dreams.jpg IMG_8485 Victoria Webster, Flora.jpg IMG_8494 Jan McCormick, Ideas Colliding.jpg IMG_8499 Hilary Morrissey, Benevolence in Blue.jpg IMG_8506 Karen Porter, Flights of fancy.jpg IMG_8517 Jenny Martin, Yoga.jpg IMG_8525 Helen Cairney, Subterranean I.jpg IMG_8535 Phillip Coker.jpg IMG_8544 Jane Hyder, Three of Us.jpg IMG_8554 Peter Coolbear, Canna Lilies, Whanga Momona.jpg IMG_8563 Daniel Worth, Pinko Flamingko.jpg IMG_8576 Robert Queiroga, Duet I.jpg IMG_8582 Fran Zukowski, Dancing in the mist.jpg IMG_8592 Magda Van der Walt, Miss Piranha.jpg IMG_8604 Carol Theologo, Patience (Kingfisher).jpg IMG_8612 Grace Buchanan, I'm OK.jpg IMG_8619 Ann Breen, Pihanga.jpg IMG_8630 Bonnie Coad, Love Bird.jpg IMG_8642 Phoebe Sales, Orchid Bloom.jpg IMG_8646 Debbie Pointon, Conversation I.jpg IMG_8658 Jennifer Summers, The Block.jpg IMG_8671 Triz Pavon, Mother and child.jpg IMG_8679 Sandra Andrews, Bear.jpg IMG_8697 Debbie Anderson, Day's Bay Wharf (small).jpg IMG_8706 Orana Arefin, M & M's.jpg IMG_8715 Jo Mells, Juggling Act.jpg IMG_8724 Vivian Manthel-French, Oranges and Lemons.jpg IMG_8732 Julie Daysh, Treescape.jpg IMG_8742 Sue Guppy, Still life in a landscape.jpg IMG_8751 Hamish Macaulay.jpg IMG_8758 Mike Aamodt, Star Crossed Lovers.jpg IMG_8768 Anne Wendelken, Poppies in my Garden.jpg IMG_8774 Micheline Robinson, Dancing in her head.jpg IMG_8785 Karen Reid, Heyday.jpg IMG_8791 Elisabeth Vullings, Salty.jpg IMG_8803 Robyn Eastgate-Manning, Forest Dreaming 1.jpg IMG_8810 Robyn Eastgate-Manning, Forest Dreaming II.jpg IMG_8820 Karen Smyth, Halftime.jpg IMG_8828 Ursula Macfarlane, All Together.jpg IMG_8837 Michelanne Forster, Still here.jpg IMG_8844 Michelle Smithard, Untitled.jpg IMG_8855 Joe Zhou, Outside Port Nicholson Yacht Club.jpg IMG_8860 Stan Chan, Lion.jpg IMG_8868 Paul Collins, Coastal Cornwall.jpg IMG_8901 Jill Sutton, Wellington Villas.jpg IMG_8926 Wendy Masters, The Hundertwasser Fountain.jpg IMG_8940 Rebecca Mooney, Dancing with the Universe.jpg IMG_8949 Rebecca Mooney, Woven Threads of Heaven & Earth.jpg IMG_8952 Charlotte Hird, Island Bay.jpg IMG_8961 Nick Cottrell, Foliage.jpg IMG_8969 Cecilie McKenzie, A Deep Conversation.jpg IMG_8974 Emily Harris, Round the Bays, Wellington.jpg IMG_8989 Mary Amour, The Secret.jpg IMG_9000 Jane Ross, Garden in Bloom.jpg IMG_9008 Lynne Wakem, Urbanscape.jpg IMG_9020 Natalia Turina, Three Boats.jpg IMG_9030 Mieneke Perniskie, A Special Suspension.jpg IMG_9041 Angela Evans-Morgan, Radiant Blue.jpg IMG_9049 Nicola Redvers-Newton, North Island Robin.jpg IMG_9069 Zoe Cromwell, Seven of us.jpg IMG_9096 Inge Doig, Into the blue.jpg IMG_9105 Wilma van Loon, Cup Full.jpg IMG_9114 Storm Davenport, The Gap.jpg IMG_9136 Tatyana Kulida, Flora Dreaming.jpg IMG_9143 Alex Efimoff, Hidden Value.jpg IMG_9163 Mark Curtis, Blue Skull.jpg IMG_9171 Chris Dunn, Wellington Tower.jpg IMG_9179 Jenny Shearer, Morandi Pacifica.jpg IMG_9187 Christine Winbush, Bird.jpg IMG_9193 Roger Daniell, Fragments.jpg IMG_9201 Phil Quinn.jpg L1050620 Philip Markham.jpg Peekaboo PÄ«wakawaka by Judi Lapsley Miller.jpg IMG_9334 Jack Giles, Broken Impression2.jpg IMG_9341 Katy Cottrell, Kawakawa in Marquetry.jpg IMG_9352 Phillip Silverman, Glass Skull.jpg IMG_9346 Julie Daysh.jpg IMG_9336 Tatyana Kulida, Inside Outside.jpg Kate Hartmann, Queen of Misneach.jpg IMG_9315 Susan Skelton, Hills by Home.jpg IMG_9309 Annelies Kamp.jpg IMG_9286 Kirsty Schofield, Winter Coat2.jpg IMG_9268 Helen Reynolds, Phthalo & Quinacridone & AZO 1. IMG_9264 Chris Partington, Freedom.jpg IMG_9257 Sue Shore, Shooting Stars.jpg IMG_9237 Libby Kemp, Eclipse.jpg IMG_9232 Anton Makarov, Lambton Q.jpg IMG_9226 Helen Casey, Starlight Piwakawaka.jpg IMG_9220 David Owen, Window in Newtown, Wellington.jpg IMG_9213 J S, Queen Elizabeth.jpg IMG_8877 Wayne Newman, The Winter Opening (revised).jpg IMG_8885 Wayne Newman, Dawn over the marina2 (revised).jpg IMG_5976 Bill Allan, Life.jpg IMG_5980 Sally Banks, Reef Pool.jpg