World Press Photo Exhibition, 2012

$5 entry fee.

A non-profit organization founded in 1955, World Press Photo is committed to supporting and advancing high standards in photojournalism and documentary photography worldwide. Showing a selection of photographs from the 2011 annual contest, the 2012 World Press Photo Exhibition portrays more than a startling and often provocative window on world issues, it gives visibility to the role of photojournalism and its power to inspire and shape us.

2011’s prize-winning photographs is touring 45 countries over the course of a year, and will be published in the World Press yearbook. Over two million people will go to a hundred different venues to see the images, and the yearbook is published in seven languages and distributed worldwide. The contest is judged by leading independent experts in visual journalism who represent various aspects of the profession. The World Press archive of winning images is not only a record of more than half a century of human history, but a showcase of successive styles in photojournalism. 

The World Press Photo of the Year is by Samuel Aranda from Spain. Here, Fatima al-Qaws cradles her son Zayed (18), who is suffering from the effects of tear gas after participating in a street demonstration, in Sanaa, Yemen, on 15 October.

Samuel Aranda_World Press Photo of the Year


If you book an evening cocktail or dinner function during the run of this exhibition, you and your colleagues or clients can also enjoy top-notch catering by Sarah Searancke - a canape and dinner package are on offer. Please call Warren Feeney or Jodie Dalgleish on (04) 499 8807 to find out more.

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