Women: An Exhibition


Women: An Exhibition, 5 May – 3 June 2012

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This is an exhibition dedicated to women, women who have blazed a trail for other women and women who have been the backbone of, and force behind, the Academy and other public art institutions and collectives. Women who have shaped New Zealand’s visual landscape. This is also an exhibition to explore Women’s issues today.

In Anne Kirker’s New Zealand Women Artists (1993) the author makes the statement that “the fact that an artist happens to be a woman rather than a man matters.” But does it? Kirker also says in this context that there is a complex matrix of social, political and pscychological factors that more specifically affect and are made visible by women. This is most likely true?
In A Women’s Picture Book (1988) – a book heralded as celebrating the “second wave of feminism” in this country – artist Sharon Alston is quoted as saying that, particularly at that time, women needed “to make visual language of themselves.” This was a visual language that could embrace the many facets of women and her experience, particularly as an artist of Aotearoa.
In Women: An Exhibition we explore the visual language of women artists and the ways in which women’s issues are more generally being artistically explored by women and men today. All works are for sale.
Of interest are unvoiced and voiced questions, such as: Does it matter if an artist is a woman and not a man?; What “matrix” of factors affect women artists today and how are they explored and expressed?; What roles do women artists play?; Is there a community of women artists and do they still mobilise to challenge society’s values?; and What is feminism today?.
If you would like to enquire after works in this exhibition, please call Jodie Dalgleish on (+64 4) 499 8807, or email gallery@nzafa.com






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