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This week we are presenting an exhibition of six artists that are practising members of the Academy or who have exhibited with us in the past. Although quite different in their style and approach, together these artists share an interest in surface and the exploration of a rich kind of detail.


Artists include: Lorraine Rastorfer, Prakash Patel, Michaela Cox, Beverly Rhodes, Greg Chaston and Dean Buchanan.

 Installation view


On entering the main gallery, visitors are greeted by a series of paintings by Wellington-based artist Lorraine Rastorfer. They are a painterly and very sure study of surface and contrast. As the artist writes of her Triptych Zwischen, her work is about travelling through the realm of each different component panel to encourage ambiguity in terms of time and space, and to encourage an excursion through the possibilities they present as both material and illusionistic objects.

Installation view of Lorraine Rastorfer's works

Paintings by Lorraine Rastorfer. Left to right: Reconnaissance (800 x 1600mm), Zwischen (1200 x 2460mm) and Infinitude (1200 x 1800mm). With thanks to Mark Hutchins Gallery.


In the middle of the gallery's 'big wall' are two paintings by Wanganui-based artist Prakash Patel. The first, Black Forest, has been selected by Academy Director Dr. Warren Feeney for the Arthouse project. Along with the second painting, The Fishermen, Patel engages viewers with his play between gesture and 'dot'. Like Rastorfer, he harnesses the effects of pearlescent pigments on black to suggest life and depth. Punctuating the far end of the gallery are two loose canvas works, Lotus and Untitled. In Lotus the artist's paint-sweeps underlie his delicate and deliberate patterning of its surface.

Prakash Patel, Black Forest and The Fishermen  Prakash Patel_Lotus (detail)

LHS: Prakash Patel, Black Forest and The Fishermen. RHS: Lotus (detail).


After Patel, Christchurch-based artist Michaela Cox presents a selection of two series of work: Nightgarden and Faux Arcadia. These works are intensely rich and highly-composed photographic views of an imagined garden, a beautiful yet tongue-in-cheek Arcadia.

Michaela Cox_Nightgarden and Faux Arcadia

Michaela Cox, photomontage works from her Nightgarden and Faux Arcadia series.


In her own quiet alcove, Wellington-based artist Beverly Rhodes presents some recent small portraits along with a selection of works from her series The Silent (2011). Here small children look out through masks or, by contrast, with a hidden and potentially sad world subtly portrayed in their facial expressions. The artist's paintings evoke a Victorian sensibility while they touch the nerve of very real contemporary issues.

 Beverly Rhodes I - IV

Beverly Rhodes, Portrait I -IV.


Closing the circuit of the main gallery are three very new works by Waikanae-based artist Greg Chaston: Generational Knowledge, Temporal Relationships and Twelve Degrees of Humility. These works flow on from Chaston's work, And through generations stories of the land were told, presented as part of Matariki: Whenua in June 2012. In these new works squares of colour become cells in the continuation of colour across the paintings' surfaces.

Greg Chaston_Three paintings

Greg Chaston. L to R: Generational Knowledge, Temporal Relationships and Twelve Degrees of Humility.


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