Remake: Emerging Artists

Remake: Emerging Artists is an exhibition dedicated to the way artists make one thing into another: the transformational act, whether that be material or concept-based.


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From remaking fizzy drink bottles (Anya Mowll) and cable ties (Andi Regan) to a pranged car bonnet (William Hunt) to remaking the tenets of sculpture (Sharon Painter-Arps) and Still Life (Nicola Hansby), this is an exhibition to spend time in - take a walk through an album of images...


Contact Details

address: 1 Queens Wharf,

                Wellington, NZ  

phone: 04 499 8807


facebook : NZAFA

hours: daily 10am - 5pm

Current Events

Parkin Drawing Prize

2 August - 3 September

Upcoming Events

Artists and Artisans

9 September - 8 October

Splash 17 & Ceramicus 17

14 October - 29 October

Solo 43

4 November - 26 November

Summer Cash and Carry

2 December - 14 January 2018




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