Remake: Emerging Artists


9 February - 3 March 2013.



The inaugural winner of the Tui McLauchlan Emerging Artist's Award, a cash prize of $2,000, is James R. Ford for his work Mirror #6. The inaugural judge, independent critic and curator, Mark Amery announced the winner at the opening on the 8th of February and talked about the duality of this work - its ability to be a finely crafted piece of viusal art and an anti-statement that both challenges and repels.


Read Mark Amery's Judge's Report.


James R. Ford_Mirror #6


Honourable mentions were given to artists Sarah Brown of Christchurch for Wellington and Vanessa Arthur of Wellington for Excessive Excess Necklace.

Sarah Brown_Wellington

Sarah Brown, Wellington, recycled materials from chch properties in an antique cigarette case.

Vanessa Arthur_Excessive Excess Necklace

Vanessa Arthur, Excessive Excess Necklace - Street Shifts Series, Re-purposed aluminium, laminate, paint, plastic, 925 silver & brass


The Tui McLauchlan Emerging Artist's Award is dedicated to furthering the reach and impact of emerging artists that is so vital to the continuation of a vital arts community. 



See an album of works.



 Remake: Emerging Artists is an exhibition that Invigorates the Wellington art scene and spins the artistic practise of 'transformation' - one so important to contemporary practise in this country. The 64 Emerging Artists of the exhibition, and its 157 works, are an important part of the Academy's First Quarter Season.


Remake is an exhibition dedicated to the concept of artistic transformation, making one thing into another through personal practise and collaboration. Transformation is something that can be spun different ways - an artist can take a found object or two and make a work of art; an artist can take the materials and 'props' of art and make them into something they were never intended to be; an artist can take a recognised concept or idea and give it a new agenda; and artists can work with other artists to work over, yet with, their own work to create something new.



Guest Artists: Karley Feaver, Ben Pearce and Jason Ware.

Karley Feaver, Giraisy. Ben Pearce_Breaking Up

LHS: Karley Feaver, Giraisy, acrylic resin, epoxy clay, artificial plastic flora and acrylic paint.

RHS: Ben Pearce, Breaking Up, found school blackboard.




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