Our Far South, Photographic Exhibition


Season Dates: 5 July – 17 July 2012


Lunchtime seminars


Public opening of the exhibition: Thursday 5 July, 5:30pm.
Our Far South is a project being led by Gareth Morgan and a team of colleagues to raise New Zealanders' awareness of Antarctica & its importance. The Our Far South team have recently been to Antarctica & the sub-Antarctic Islands and Mike WIlkinson is presenting a photographic exhibition of what was seen and found there.
The objective of the Our Far South project is to raise New Zealanders’ awareness of the importance of the area between Stewart Island and the South Pole: to highlight the reasons why this area is of such value and to outline the threats it is under and the opportunities it holds.
Alongside the beauty and drama of Mike WIlksinson's photographs, questions will be raised and dialogue will be had regarding the vulnerability of our southernmost continent and our wider world. Four books that are the culmination of the project will also be launched with this exhibition, including a book of Mike Wilkinson's photography. Books include: the 'Our Far South' photographic book, the childrens' book 'Shackelton Bear Goes South,' 'A Happy Feat: Voyage to the end of Our Far South' by Gareth Morgan, and 'Ice, Mice and Men' on the issues facing our far South. 
Exhibition kindly sponsored by Power Systems Consultants (PSC).
MIke WIlkinson_photograph
Mike WIlkinson_photograph
Mike Wilkinson Photographs


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