Secrets of the Artists

19 July - 26 July




Secrets of the Artists

Secrets of the Artists is a new book by artist member Dr Romuald Rudzki which is having its global launch at the Academy, with an accompanying exhibition from Wednesday 19th to Wednesday 26th July 2017, between the hours of 10.00am and 5.00pm in our Lightspace Gallery.

The book does a great many things, looking as it does not only at the approach taken by artists when thinking about their work, but links this to the writer’s own experiences, as well as develops the secrets into a 31 step creative method (RUCS) which engages the reader by asking them to use the method as they go through the book to find solutions for any problem they choose.  This places RUCS firmly as a counterpoint to the dominance of the scientific method within modern society.

The exhibition is of works within the book including several in the new Prealist style where the artist moves into a state of kenosis (removal of the will), in order to explore the potential of the pigment, the surface, the method of application and other factors, to produce work which is impossible to achieve by any other method.

Secrets of the Artists is priced at $30 and will be on sale in the Academy Shop.  The book will appeal to practising artists, art students, art teachers and the general public.

Rom is planning to be present throughout the exhibition and looks forward to answering questions about the book, as well as Prealism as a new way of painting and as a uniquely New Zealand art movement.

Contact: Rom at (T) 06 356 56 56 or (M) 021 783 954 (E)

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