Solo 42 - Artist Demonstrations and Talks

Saturday 27 May 10 am - 2 pm

Tatyana Kulida (Painter)

Tatyana feels that the digital works with its abundance of cameras clouds our judgement about true value and meaning. Her classical portraits allow her to slow down and intimately connect with the subject. Her demonstration will be creating a portrait from life - -a chance for you to see an artist and model, and the work in progress.

John McDonnell (Painter)

John paints in acrylics and watercolours featuring trees and gardens.  During this demonstration he will show how he paints an abstract watercolour. 

Tania Dally (Mixed media artist)

Tania is self-taught working within the traditions of abstraction.  Her works represent landscapes with colour as the main inspiration. Her demonstration today will be to show the early stages of preparing a canvas for her next work. Planning and preparation are vital to the work to ensure a great and balanced outcome

Claire Clark (Painter)

Claire often visits her local beach to sketch sandcastles, fishermen, toddlers, and depending on the time of year bathers. With sketchbook in hand she captures scenes for future sketches and paintings. She’ll talk about her work which covers the quirky to the formal. 

Anna Stichbury (Painter)

Painting in bold and often intense hues, Anna’s love of colour and texture is evident. Her works are abstract and portrayed through rich layers of colour, texture, imagery and pattern. Anna will be in the gallery to share her love for her works and for art.

Whetū van den Oever (Painter)

Whetū is originally from the Netherlands and has been in New Zealand since 2010.  She captures the essence of nature and is fascinated by the extraordinary.  Her abstract and figurative paintings are great talking points and Whetū will be pleased to share stories about each of her works.


These artists’ talks and demos are free.  No booking is necessary, just pop in.


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