The Art Pack + In Memoriam

25 March - 23 April 2017



The Academy Galleries season of 25 March 'til 23 April runs concurrent shows spanning works from artists who have made their mark in New Zealand. The past and present under one roof.

‘The Art Pack’ is a punchy set bringing together contemporary talent from nine selected artists. Painters, a photographer, a mosaicist and a sculptor. They have all excelled in their fields and come together to put on a show that will make it clear how art influences culture, why we need art and the artist refreshes our senses in the process.

‘In Memoriam’  is a tribute celebrating fine artists that are no longer with us. Their efforts and contribution in shaping our visual environment informs us by the generous loan of some treasured works by family members and art caretakers. This small yet diverse selection expresses how varied we are, how all of us have a unique point of view though we live our lives with common needs.

The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts presents these two exhibitions to showcase diversity and excellence in visual art and to support our communities by way of stimulating and encouraging engagement in culture.



Bruce Campbell - Pewter casting, solder, steel                      Selwyn Vercoe - Acrylic ink on canvas

'Companion - 1'                                                                       'Rubiki


Morag Stokes - Acrylic on canvas                      Peter Muller - Abstract photographic image on acrylic

'kNot Tapa 3'                                                      'Shards of history'

'Palliare'                                                             'The river flows yellow in my dreams'

                                                                           'By the light of the silvery moon'


Rachel Silver - mosaic recycled materials

 'Tiki in Tesserae'  (Silver mosaic recycled materials)

 'Angel Fish'  (Iridescent glass mosaic)

'Tiki in Tesserae'  (Blue mosaic recycled materials)


 Peter Augustin -   Mixed media acrylic on tex canvas (Left to Right and Under)

'Polarus' , 'River of Life' , 'Triangulation' , 'Garden of Eden' , 'Stranded' , 'Waves' , 'Tidal' ,
'Night Flyers' , 'Conqueror'


 Bevan Shaw - Acrylic & vinyl tempera on canvas     Jason Secto - Pencil/Acrylic/Varnish.

 'Cow'                                                                          'Archive II'     and   'Archive III' 

                                                                                    'Suite (for Raymond Rife MD)

Gary Freemantle -  Australian mineral pigment on plywood & canvas
'Blue Rocks' ,  'Mineral lake II' ,  'Mineral Lake I' , 'Cognitive Lake' (sold)

The latter three are NZ earth & mineral pigment on canvas.

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                Wellington, NZ  

phone: 04 499 8807


facebook : NZAFA

hours: daily 10am - 5pm

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