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Solo 38

10 March - 14 April 2015

Solo 38 showcases a new series of work from ; Jenny Browne, Michael Browne, Philippa Christmas, Nick Dryden, Helen Forrest, Alan Hodgetts, Ellen Hodgetts, Bruce Luxford, Trevor Pye, Judy Vaughan and Joe Zhou.

The exhibition is open to the public from Tuesday 10 March - Tuesday 14 April 2015.


Gallipoli: Keep the Home Fires Burning

23 April - 1 June 2015

This exhibition opens at the Academy on 23rd April and we are calling for entries now.

The New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts is calling for entries from artists for this upcoming show show commemorating 100 years since the landings at Gallipoli.

For more information about the show including themes, important dates and entry forms for downloading, please click here


We now have a mailing list for people interested in our programme and special offers.  





For sales enquiries contact Marc Pettie  




Contact Details

address: 1 Queens Wharf,

Wellington, NZ  

phone: 04 499 8807


facebook : NZAFA

hours: daily 10am - 5pm

Up Coming Events

Solo 38

10 March - 14 April 2015

"The Long & the Short of It"

14 - 26 April 2015

Gallipoli - Keep the Home Fires Burning

23 April - 1 June 2015



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