Matariki: Whenua


9 June - 1 July 2012.




See an album of installation shots and individual works.


With the support of Toi Maori Aotearoa and Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures.

And with the support of Creative Communities Wellington Local Funding Scheme.



Guest Artists: Paerau Corneal, Lewis Gardiner, Stacy Gordine, Rangi Kipa, Derek Lardelli, Manos Nathan, Darcy Nicholas, Diane Prince, Baye Riddell, Wi Taepa, and Colleen Urlich


Brian Flintoff, Jeanne Macaskill, Russell Moses, Mike O'Donnell, and Craig Potton.


 Stacey Gordine_Te Waharoa: the Gateway Russell Moses_Oturehua_Detail

Stacy Gordine, Te Waharoa: the Gateway, bone, Collection of Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures.

Russell Moses, Oturehua, Mixed media, detail.


Kua hōhonu ki te whenua ngā pakiaka o te rākau e kore e taea te huhuti

The roots of the tree are deep into the ground and cannot be pulled out.


For this Matariki exhibition we have invited artists to respond in their own way to a concept of Whenua that has fuelled centuries of artmaking, and continues to fuel artmaking today:


Whenua encompasses all aspects of the land: its soil, rocks, plants, animals and the people inhabiting and shaping the land - the tangata whenua that rely on and protect it. Whenua is a living system, a unity of land and people. As such, it is also about generations of people who have come to, and gone from, a place and the cultural and familial process of sharing ideas and knowledge.


Matariki is becoming a time of year when New Zealanders reflect on earlier traditions and look ahead to the coming year. At its heart, Matariki – the time when the constellation of that name begins its journey South for winter – is about Whenua, our relationship with the land and our response to its rhythms.


Supported by Darcy Nicholas of Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures and Garry Nicholas of Toi Maori Aotearoa we will, with your participation, be presenting an exhibition that interweaves the largely object-based work of Maori clay artists and carvers with that of guest Academy artists and members.





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