Marie E. Potter: Contemplation #2


Marie Potter_Contemplation#2


Contemplation#2 is a touring exhibition of the artist Marie E. Potter. Running alopngside UsNow, it is a multi-faceted exhibition with which Marie Potter will explore N.Z.'s cultural and social traditions. With her collection and recontextualisation of objects, she not only interrogates the culture and experience of this country's early European settlers, but also the status of their everyday objects as well as  the presence and physical material qualities of these artefacts that are now loaded with history.


Potter is most interested in the 'exhibition' as a place within which we (the viewer) can form our own narratives, observations and experiences. In presenting Contemplations, she draws on the writing of Theorist Paul Grainge who believes that we have the power to revisit our past and enliven it in a creative and innovative way in the form of visual culture. The artist is also inspired by Marcel Duchamp, famous for his urinal-turned-Fountain: his ability to recontextualise and reinvent an object in an innovative way.

Contact Details

address: 1 Queens Wharf,

                Wellington, NZ  

phone: 04 499 8807


facebook : NZAFA

hours: daily 10am - 5pm

Current Events

Summer Cash and Carry

19 December - 13 February 2018

Upcoming Events

the 26th Annual Wallace Art Awards

19 February - 25 March 2018




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