Gallery 2

Gallery Two has a capacity of up 350 people. With 370 sq.m and 80 linear metres, it is our main and largest gallery space and can be extended by the use of the annex. It is accessed through our entrance gallery of selected artist's work, Gallery One.


Our main hireage gallery for exhibitions is Lightspace.





Contact Details

address: 1 Queens Wharf,

Wellington, NZ  

phone: 04 499 8807


facebook : NZAFA

hours: daily 10am - 5pm

Current Events

"The Long & the Short of It"

16 - 4 May 2015

Gallipoli Trilogy

23 April - 31 May 2015

Upcoming Events

Eugene Fancott

Retrospective Exhibition

6 May - 17 May 2015



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