Emphasis on Small


This was an Open Academy Exhibition with an emphasis on small works to celebrate the arrival of spring!

Our Guest artists were...


Award winning ceramicist Sue Newitt from Nelson and Watercolours by Sir Michael Fowler .... 

Sue Newitt graduated from Otago Polytech in 1982 after completing a diploma in Fine Arts and a year on the full time ceramics course.


'My work has always been based on the wheel as I enjoy the process of throwing and putting together of the pieces at leather hard stage. Teapots, jugs and bowls are my main focus at the moment as I enjoy the challenge and the possibilities of these forms.


I have recently returned to high fired reduction firing and porcelain with an emphasis on form over decoration, using simple glazes and texture which show the translucency and purity of this challenging and beautiful clay.'


Sir Michael's work needs no introduction and this show will feature a series of watercolour sketches showing his delight in the revitalisation of Petone...


see a selection of  works from the exhibition here


In the run up to Christmas this exhibition was a great chance for gift opportunities!


EXHIBITION SEASON: 24th October - 15th November


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