E. Mervyn Taylor: A Tribute

E. Mervyn Taylor: A Tribute. 12 January - 3 February.


This is an historic exhibition of work by past Academy and leading New Zealand artist E. Mervyn Taylor (1906 - 1964). It pays tribute not only to Taylor's association with the Academy, but also his contribution to New Zealand art and design.


Taylor is internationally recognised for his wood engravings in particular. He also produced linocuts (some in multiple colours), watercolours and sculpture and the exhibition presents a cross-section of works from his oeuvre.

 Works have been kindly made available by the Taylor family. 

High quality gift cards of some of Taylor's woodblack prints and his famous Cats are availabe for sale at the Academy.


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http://www.nzafa.com/web/photos/image/251. This bust of Taylor is now in Te Papa's collection.



Tony Mackle, Collection Manager Works on Paper, Te Papa, has written the following on E. Mervyn Taylor for the Dictionary of NZ Biography:


...Mervyn Taylor died in Wellington Hospital on 7 June 1964, survived by his wife and children. Described by friends as a quiet, unassuming man, he had created an oeuvre which extended well beyond the purely physical number and range of his works. He wanted to be both an artist and a communicator, and his career was a total commitment to these ideals. In addition to his own work he did much to encourage other artists, including Cliff Whiting and Para Matchitt. He had a single-minded devotion to his life as a New Zealand artist and embellished this with the high quality and quantity of his creative output.

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