A fundraiser for the NZ Academy of Fine Arts 21 March 2013


All working artists of the Academy of Fine Arts are invited to contribute to a fundraising event to support the Academy reach a break-even budget at the end of its current financial year in March 2013.

Canvas200 will feature 200 works of art on canvas, measuring 150 x 150mm by more than 100 of the Academy’s practising artists.

Artists may contribute up to two canvases each.  Blank canvases are available now for collection from the Academy Gallery or e-mail to have them sent out of town. Canvas200 is a fundraiser that also recognises the role of its working artists in the gallery’s programme. Your support will be acknowledged in a special Canvas200 catalogue that will include an accompanying text.

Canvas200 will be a special evening of music, food, wine and refreshments at the Academ'sy Gallery, Thursday 5.3pm 21 March 2013. Tickets will be available at $75 each and all guests will be gifted the work that has the number found on their ticket (one per ticket). 

Please fill out the form below, and return it with your art work(s) to the Academy of Fine Arts no later than 22 February 2013. Please also ensure the details of your work, including your name, appear on the back of the work.

Dr.  Warren Feeney
PH: 04 894 1721

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