An Artist's Guide to Summer

Season Dates: 7 December - 6 January 2013.

Gallery closed 24 December - 4 January 2013.


Artists are people that work with their senses. An Artist’s Guide to Summer will be an opportunity for artists to express their sense of a time of year, or a time of life, or of something that is always promised but perhaps never arrives. Summer means different things (not necessarily all good) to different people in different places, and this exhibition will explore those things. At the same time it will play with the idea of the artist as ‘guide,’ as someone who sees and hears and communicates while they do not claim to have any ‘answers.’


An Artist's Guide to Summer will be a cash-and-carry exhibition, which means that any works bought can be taken at the time of purchase.


Curator Jodie Dalgleish has asked a few people to pick a painting, or two, that pops into their head when they read of this exhibition:


Summer pick from NZAFA Director Warren Feeney. 

 Richard Diebenkorn

Ocean Park No. 129, Richard Diebenkorn. 


 Richard Diebenkorn

Richard Diebenkorn.


 Summer pick from Jeanne Macaskill:

 The Balcony 2_Brett Whiteley

The Balcony 2 (1975), Brett Whiteley.


Summer Pick from Jan Haisman:

 Arthur Boyd, SHoalhaven Series

Arthur Boyd, Shoalhaven Series


Greg Chaston's Summer pick:

Pablo Picasso_Paysage Vallauris

Pablo Picasso, Paysage Vallauris, La Nuit

Another Summer pick:

Gretchen Albrecht_Response

Gretchen Albrecht, Response.


 Summer Pick from Curator, Jodie Dalgleish, with a touch of irony and the political: 

Julia Oram, Icycle, Brick Bay Sculpture Park (well worth a visit, if you haven't been there.) 


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